Set the Intention for Healing

Q: I love that Lomi Lomi is all about loving touch, but sometimes I get a client that confuses loving touch with sensual touch. Or has an alternate intention. Or is inappropriate in a sexual way. What can I do to when this kind of situation comes up?

In Lomi Lomi, we are taught to hold sacred space for healing. In my 10 years of teaching this healing art form I’ve heard all kinds of stories:
  • Turning around to find a client on the table that uncovered/exposed themselves while the therapist’s back was turned

  • Lomi-ing the hand and having someone grab on to their hand

  • Clients saying things that are suggestive…and worse!

In the entire time that I've been doing bodywork and especially since I've been doing Lomi, that has never happened on my table. Why?  Number one…because I’ve been very clear with my intention and the energy that I'm bringing into that space. Number two….because I use my own intuitive knowing and gut instinct to read situations even from the time that the client calls to make an appointment.

For me, sacred space is the sweet spot. I'm an advocate for healing energies to come through from spirit to the client. That’s the only reason I'm in the room.

I have a word-for-word script that you can use to set the intention for your healing spaces. Get it FREE with the link at the bottom of this post. When I met Justin, who I would later marry, we met in several circles casually but never really talked.  One day he called, asking for a massage. I thought that he was really handsome, but I also knew that if he's asking me for Lomi I have to set the intention.  My role is not to massage him as someone who thinks that he's attractive. I must be the one holding a sacred space of healing for him. See the difference? When he arrived for his session, there was this unspoken energy between us. I needed to eliminate the idea of “something more” happening in the room. I said, ”I just want to let you know that I'm here to hold space of healing for you as a professional.  That’s what my intention is for our time together”. (You wouldn’t necessarily say this in your work, but I’m just sharing a personal example.) Later, he told me how much he appreciated me taking the initiative to create a healing space. When we went into the session, I wasn’t thinking, "Oh my gosh, I'm massaging this cute guy!” For me, it was just as if I was massaging my auntie, uncle, sister, brother. We were able to connect on a soul level like family, instead of 2 people that could potentially be attracted to each other. In fact, every time I massage my husband, the only thing that we do on my massage table is Lomi. There is no crossover there for me, because I don't want that energy to be left over for the next person who comes in. Someone who is sensitive to subtle energies could get the wrong idea.

I believe when I’m clear with my intention, I eliminate the possibilities for lower level energies.

In regards to reading the energies ahead of time to avoid any confusion, I set an intention for ONLY appropriate guests who match my energetic to find their way to my table. Next, I listen very carefully to my na’auao, intuitive gut instinct. Some comments that have activated my na’auao:
  • “Do you have evening sessions and can I request a female therapist?”
  • “Excessive draping gets in my way and I prefer to feel free. Do I need to use draping at your facility?”
In my experience, people who ask these types of questions are generally looking for something other than loving touch. Here are some other strategies I personally use:
  1. Clearly state the latest session ends at 6pm. This alone deters many clients looking for sensual touch.
  2. Let clients know that we use professional draping standards ensuring maximum coverage in discreet areas of the body.
  3. Never send a therapists out on an outcall alone after dark. If they are doing an outcall at any hour, I have them call in to the front desk while they are with the client.
“I’ve arrived at Mr. Smith’s room, number 555.  I’ll call in an hour when the session is finished.” These responses generally shift the energy. Either the client rises to meet the higher vibration of professional loving touch or they simply choose to search elsewhere. You too, can use intention to create a sacred space for yourself and for others. In my FREE guide, 10 Practices to Ignite, Maintain and Reclaim Your Personal Power I offer a specific, word-for-word mantra. Use it daily and between clients to develop a zone of nurturing, healing and light. Click here to get it now.

What strategies have you used to handle people with alternate intentions?  Leave a comment below:


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Salt and Ti: 2 Key Elements You Need in Your Healing Space

I’ve been getting some amazing feedback from my new, FREE mini-guide 10 Practices to Ignite, Reclaim and Maintain Your Personal Power. Mahalo nui to everyone who has taken the time to read, comment and share these potent rituals. Here’s a great question I received from one of my students:

Why salt and ti leaf?  

Why do those 2 particular ingredients raise my personal power? For Hawaiians, ti has crystalline energy. It is able to work within the physical realm and spiritual realm without changing it’s properties. Ti leaf is recognized by the ancestors and those who have gone beyond - This is why we use ti leaves as a wrapping for our ho’okupu, or offerings.

Ti is used for clearing.

You will notice that all indigenous cultures have material for clearing people and spaces. We can petition the plants of the land to support us with their ability to transmute and transform energies. As a collective of world cultures, plants have been used as protective medicine and for their high vibratory presence for generations of time. Native Americans use sage. South Americans use palo santo. Europeans use lavender, laurel, or rosemary. Hawaiians use a swiping motion with a ti leaf to clear energy.  Its mere presence will have a clearing effect.

Here are a few ways you can use ti leaf in your daily life:

  • Have it at the entrance of your house to clear people's energies as they come in.
  • Place a plant in a room in your house or in your treatment area to clear the energies.
  • Place the leaves near the bed of someone in need of healing.
  In ancient times, when someone was very ill, Hawaiians used to put the ti leaf underneath and around the edges of the lauhala mat. They would also put bowls of salt at the four corners of the mat or under the bed that the person was sleeping on to help to keep the energy clear and clean.

Salt is also crystalline, but it has a different effect.

Salt helps to neutralize and balance electromagnetic fields. When someone is feeling off-center, we give salt internally. When someone needs spiritual clearing of energies or entities, we massage salt into the body. By adding prayers and breathing Ha, the breath of life, into the person that needs the healing as we Lomi the salt into the body, we purify and restore harmony to their energy field. Constant search for balance and homeostasis in nature is a principle that is also reflected in the body. Each cell of the body is regulated by both chemical reactions and electrical reactions. The balance of sodium inside and outside of each cell is essential to supporting life and carries an electromagnetic charge.
When we are in anger, fear, or engaging in any emotion that throws us off our center, we leave ourselves vulnerable to negative energies and disconnected from our divine alignment.
Salt is a repellent for negative energies. When I speak of clearing, there are two components: the internal influences of the mind and the external influences of the environment that take us into a negative polarity. When these two elements, salt and ti leaf, are used together for clearing - as in the Pi Kai ceremonies that we use before we begin Lomi classes - we open a clear, sacred space for the energy of healing to flow. Use this mana ‘ola, practice to raise spiritual power designed to prepare you and your space for the highest possible outcome.
Make it a habit to prepare your environment for optimum wellbeing.  
In my healing space, I have an herbal healing mist that contains ti leaf hydrosol, salt, and rose, the highest vibrational essential oil. I use this between each client to mist my room, my table and myself. I also mist over each piko (chakra) on the client's body to end their session. There are even more ideas in my mini-guide, 10 Practices to Ignite, Reclaim and Maintain Your Personal Power. To get your free copy click here. I am excited to share even more mana ‘ola with you in the coming weeks. Please help me get the word out by commenting below: Will you be adding salt and ti leaf to your healing space?


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I Thought She Was Going to Have a Stroke

Hawaiian Healing Stories

Did you know that chants and prayers have the potential to bring spirit back to the body?

Healing begins with moving energy. In bodywork, we sometimes call this a release. Emotional release can look like many things. Weeping. Laughing. Belching. Shivering. Sweating.

This is just energy moving. Don’t be surprised when you see movement within the depth of your Lomi Lomi work.

One day, I had a remarkable woman on my table. It was a 50-minute session. I was doing my Lomi, of course, I did all my prayers and chants to start with. Towards the end of session, the woman said, “I can't move my arms and legs.”

I gave myself a little pat on the back and thought, “Oh! Wow! You did a really great job, Jeana. This woman is so relaxed she can't move her arms or her legs.”

After a second, she realized that I didn't know what she was talking about. “No, actually I cannot move my arms and my legs”.

When I lifted the sheet, I saw that her hands were clawed. Her arms and legs were extended. Her toes were pointed and curled. Her body looked as one might expect to see with rigor mortis, when the Spirit is trying to reintegrate after having left the body.

I started to panic. What should I do with this? Is she having a seizure? Is she having a stroke? What is going on? I started praying for guidance right away.

I asked the ancestors and the Great Ancestor, “Kupuna, please, I need your help!” I tried to continue with more Lomi. I got some hot stones. Nothing worked.

Then, at the last desperate moment while I'm thinking, “do I need to call 911?”, I received the answer from Spirit.

Chant for her

I knew exactly the chant to use. I knew exactly what to do. I needed to put this grown woman on my lap and rock her while I sang a lullaby. The lullaby that I sang to her was

Ka Lei Aloha I Na Kupuna.

This chant is about the lei of love of the ancestors and the understanding that I am part of this love.

We call the lei of the ancestors Ku’u Lei Aloha. It’s the family - past, present and future. When a woman is pregnant she wears an open lei because the child is the pua, the flower, coming in to complete that lei of the family.

There's a lei of family and I'm of the love that makes up that lei.

Powerful words.

This beautiful woman on my table had been through tremendous amounts of trauma. Her inner child spirit had decided to leave the body because it was too painful to stay.

She was hovering somewhere in between, hopping in and out probably because she had some work to do surrounding the healing of old wounds. The spirit of her inner child was out of the body.

When the spirit was called back to the body through the work that we did, it was a shock to the system. What I witnessed on my table, was the physical expression of Spirit leaving. Clawed, cold hands and extended, curled toes. Rigor mortis.

While I was singing with intention and ancestral support, her Spirit came back to the body. She just went limp after a few minutes of this rocking and singing. The tears started pouring out like a child weeping. When she was complete, she told me that despite all previous trauma, she felt like she had finally come back to herself.

That's the way she described it. "I just feel like I'm back in my body."

Since that time, this woman has come to many trainings with me and has had profound shifts in her life. Perhaps that experience was the beginning of the transformation for her.

It was a transformation for me as well through experiencing the spiritual principles of aloha and our spiritual teachings of how to hold scared space.

There are three great lessons I took away from this moment that I want to pass onto you.

1. Spirit Answers

In the moment of crisis, I had no idea what to do. I would never, in a million years, dream of lifting a grown woman and putting her on my lap in a Lomi Lomi session.

But I asked for help, and Spirit answered. I was totally supported. I was given the insight to what she needed in the moment.

2. You + Another + Spirit = Sweet Spot

Unbelievable things happen when you're in the sweet spot. Things that don’t make any kind of sense. I’m here to remind you, don’t panic - there’s no need to freak out!

When you witness the profoundly unexpected, it means there’s a match. You, as a practitioner, are ready to be the one to hold that scared space for another. Even if you don't realize it.

Spirit has decided and, somewhere deep within, you have also made the agreement that you are ready. Also, the person on your table has chosen that you could be their sacred space holder. You + Another + Spirit. All three are required.

3. There is a match

If you are a person who's just decided that you’re only interested in the physical aspect of bodywork and not really comfortable connecting in the spirit place, you will attract people that are at that level. If they only want bodywork, they are going to find you.

If you're the kind of practitioner that is willing to go deep with someone then you will attract people who are looking for deep healing. They're going to find you because Spirit is going to bring you together.

Trust Kupuna to bring the right things to happen on your table.

Have you had an encounter that inspired you to ask Spirit for wisdom and trust the answer? Have a question for me? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.


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For Massage Therapists: Healing Can Begin Before We Ever Lay a Hand on a Body

Chant and prayer is powerful medicine. Aunty Margaret used to tell us all the time that Lomi was praying work.

Chant has several components. Tone. Intention. Words. Vibration.

It’s the intention that brings the transformation.

The body is 65-85% water, so when we chant with an I’I, a little bit of vibration in the voice, it moves water. The last layer is the words. One of our coined proverbs is “I ka ‘olelo no ke ola, I ka ‘olelo no ka make” which means - In the word there is life. In the word there is death. As much as words can heal, they can also destroy. You may not realize it, but there is healing in the words that we speak. When we use healing prayers and chants that have been repeated by many over thousands of years, the words are activated on a whole other level. Think about Lord's prayer - how many times those words have been chanted over time, how many hearts have been stirred and how many heads bowed in humility? Every time that prayer is chanted, it's given mana, the supernatural life force that flows through all things.

In the same way, when we chant the ancient prayers, the Universe responds. It creates an activation and a level of connection between ourselves, Spirit and the person on our table.

Our prayers move water. Our chants move energy.

Healing can begin before we ever lay a hand on a body.

I want to share with you my first experience of the true power in healing words. I had a student come to visit from Spain for a private massage training. When he arrived, like I do with all my classes, we began with a Pi Kai ceremony using Ti leaf and salt. We were in the garden, setting intentions for our time together. I did a chant for him during the ceremony. Afterwards, I went inside to open the space and get the room ready for us to do our training for the day. I had told him to follow me in. I waited inside for a while and he never came. I walked back outside and found him walking up and down the stairs. Up. Down. Up and Down. I invited him in again thinking maybe he didn't hear me or didn’t understand what I meant. Finally, he spoke. “What did you do?” “What do you mean?” I asked. “I crushed my leg in a car accident two years ago and I've had all kinds of rehabilitation with physical therapists and many different treatments, including massage. One thing that I still haven't been able to do is go up and down stairs. I always have to walk sideways so all of my friends call me “The Crab. But look!” To his amazement, he was able to walk up and down and up and down the stairs! Again, he asked, “What did you do?” The truth is, I didn't do anything. It just happened that Spirit moved and he was ready, and we both got to witness a miracle. When all the stars align, I like to call it the Sweet Spot.

You + Another + Spirit = Sweet Spot

You, as the therapist, act as a vessel in the in-between petitioning for the healing of someone. They are ready to receive the healing and then Spirit is able to move. Chant and prayer is powerful medicine. [embed][/embed]

A, E , I , O, U. E Ola Kakou E Ike Kakou E Ola Na Kini E E Ike Ka Lokahi E Aloha E, Aloha E, Aloha E...

Universal Tones connecting to divine love We are life, vitality, health and wellbeing We are knowledge, wisdom, guidance We are everlasting life, eternal vitality of spirit, generations of life We are united in the divine guidance of infinite and enduring love Personally, I use chant in my practice to connect with my guidance and also with the client’s guidance. I chant to move energy in the body or to help someone relax onto and get centered on the table. I may use it to help bring someone back from wherever they've traveled during their time on the table because people go into a very deep meditative state at times. I've also used chant to help bring the inner child back to the body. Or bring the spirit back to the body after a traumatic event (that will be a whole other post!). All of these are transformational examples of what can happen when we bring chant and healing prayers into our sessions.

I would love to hear from you! If you have questions or a story to share about using chants and prayers in your practice, leave a comment below.

Please help us to get the word out about this healing work and share this post with you friends!


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Extending our Aloha to Fort McMurray

I’m sure you’ve all been watching with heartbreaking sadness the devastating fires in and around Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. And now, just when people thought they could be going back to their homes in a few weeks, the fires flared up again!

What do we do when tens of thousands of people are hurting? And what can I do, one person, thousands of miles away?

Some of you know that I am coming to Edmonton in just a few weeks time teaching Lomi Lomi massage and spiritual teachings of Aloha in St. Albert. I will be sharing tools for healing the physical body, the fear and inevitable pain that come after trauma. One of these tools is Ho’oponopono, our Hawaiian clearing system. Ho’oponopono can support the release of emotions when tragedy happens, find a way to make space for whatever comes next and allow us to manifest beautiful new beginnings. It is my dream to have a healer in every community, especially Fort McMurray. So this is what I’d like to do. I am giving a 100% scholarship ($550 value) to a resident of Fort McMurray to attend our Lomi Lomi Fundamentals Training June 16-18, and I need your help! Please come to our Facebook page and nominate a friend, family member, neighbor or anyone you know from Fort McMurray who would love to bring Hawaiian Healing to their community. You can find out more about the training on our website, as well as complete rules and scholarship information.
We’ll announce the winner on Facebook at 9am HST on May 23
Please share this contest on your Facebook page, tag your friends and help us spread the word that Ho’omana Lomi Lomi Training Center is bringing Hawaiian Healing and Aloha to Canada!


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