Lomi Lomi Month-Long Immersion

Our Month-Long Immersion Retreat is just around the corner!

Choose a la carte from our September Courses, or join us for the full retreat!

August 30 to September 25, 2015

Immerse yourself in the rich teachings of lomi lomi both in the classroom and out in nature. In our Month Long Immersion retreat, learn this full-body art form and discover the deep healing powers of lomi lomi massage. Dive into ancient Hawaiian culture, the island lifestyle, and advanced lomi lomi techniques for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Ho’omana Spa Maui’s 160-Hour Lomi Lomi Month-Long Immersion Program integrates Hawaiian healing bodywork and cultural education. Our program allows students to focus and perpetuate a sacred healing art form known as Lomi Lomi while being immersed in daily island life-style. Our program is a continuance of the values of Aloha Spirit, ‘Ohana, Malama, Kokua, and Pono which are deeply imbedded in the Hawaiian model of wellness. Following lineage teachings, our lomi program is inspiring and practical. This journey fosters powerful personal growth experiences and allows one to acquire an incredible set of skills that may be shared with family or cultivated into meaningful career path as a health care professional.

All Lomi Lomi courses are taught by Jeana Iwalani Naluai, MPT, LMT and her team of lomi specialists. Through talk-story, demonstration, and hands-on practice, students will experience this foundational learning in a rich way. Our instructor’s knowledge is passed down through a long lineage of master practitioners. The various lomi courses provide a learning environment with extensive and effective lomi techniques, the Hawaiian philosophy of Ho’oponopono, meditation and chant. Ho’omana Spa Maui is dedicated to the development of each student’s mind, body and spirit while ensuring a supportive and quality learning experience that inspires transformation.

Arrival Date: August 30, 2015
Student Registration: between 3:00pm & 6:00pm
Welcome and Orientation Dinner: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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Retreat Includes

Lomi Lomi Courses

Lomi Lomi Fundamentals (4 days, 33 C.E. hours, includes Sacred Sites Tour)

Students will learn an ancient, full body form of Hawaiian massage that addresses musculo-skeletal imbalances and limited range of motion or dysfunction– both specific and therapeutic in its application. This course is the foundational work for all classes taught at Ho’omana Spa Maui. Lomi Lomi Fundamentals offers students concepts and tools to help increase receptivity to intuitive guidance, such as Hawaiian meditation techniques, healing chants and prayers, Ho’oponopono, and guided tours of some of Maui’s most sacred sites.

Lomi ‘Ili ‘Ili Hot Stone Therapy (3 days, 27 C.E. hours, includes Stone Gathering at Wailua Nui)

Students will incorporate the use of hot stones layered upon the foundational concepts gained from Lomi Lomi Fundamentals. These heated tools act as an extension of the therapist’s hands to relax muscles tissues, increase circulation and release tension in the body.

Hapai Pregnancy Massage (3 days, 24 C.E. hours)

Learn to administer lomi techniques in seated and side-lying positions for healing prenatal and postnatal mothers.

Four Hand Lomi Lomi (3 days, 24 C.E. hours)

This special technique is a more recent healing expression of lomi lomi. This unique experience involves two massage therapists simultaneously using traditional flowing lomi strokes, facilitating a sense of complete surrender within. Uncover the elements of coordination, teamwork and used as a vehicle for transformation.

Hawaiian Medicinal Therapy (3 days, 24 C.E. hours)

Learn how to create, blend and administer spa therapies using plant medicinals. Perform dry table scrubs, wraps and herbal facials, and create poultices, teas, tinctures and elixirs. This unique system of spa treatments incorporating traditional La’au Lapa’au Hawaiian Medicine will enrich your understanding of healing and bodywork, bringing ancient teachings to the modern spa experience. This course includes a historical overview of Hawaiian medicine, ancient gathering practices and healing prayers.

Cultural Excursions

Sacred Sites Tour: Explore Maui’s rich culture through legend and lore in a talk story style. We will visit the island’s most sacred energetic areas. Iao Valley and various heiau (traditional Hawaiian temples) are just few sites on our tour. On this tour we will be learning about plant medicine, ritual cleansing both at the mountain and the ocean visiting sacred Heiau (Hawaiian Temples).

Stone Gathering at Wailua Nui: During your hot stone therapy course, heated implements are used as working stones on the body and are an extension of our hands. We will journey to a peaceful agricultural valley on the east side of Maui where we will learn to gather stones ceremonially with a gathering chant. This allows us the incredible opportunity to give back to the community we are gathering from by working in the taro patch.

Hands on Clinical Hours (20 hours)

Graduation Ceremony 

Friday, September 25th at 10:00am to 1:00pm. You may invite friends and family to the graduation, it will be a wonderful Hawaiian event.

Lomi Lomi Training Maui



You will find a driving map and directions on our website driving map/directions and sitemap. We encourage you to print a copy of the driving map and directions to Ho’omana as well as a site map of our property before arrival.

If you need airport pick-up, please arrange with our Taxi service, Sunset Taxi who is willing to pick our students up at the airport and take them for a 30-minute grocery stop at Whole Foods Market and then onto Ho’omana retreat center. The fee is $70 and you will pay the service directly.
Their contact info is: Nick Wilson EMAIL: nickcanrun@hotmail.com

Departure Date: September 26, 2015


Food is not included in the retreat and students are asked to bring a lunch and snacks each day to class and during the outings.

Shared Student Housing Option:

Please Inquire about near by accommodations


Month-Long Immersion 28-Day Retreat: $3,300 includes tax

Lomi Lomi Fundamentals 4-Day Course: $725 includes tax

Lomi ‘Ili ‘Ili Hot Stone Therapy 3-Day Course: $565 includes tax

Hapai Pregnancy Massage 3-Day Course: $500 includes tax

Four Hand Lomi Lomi 3-Day Course: $500 includes tax

Hawaiian Medicinal Therapy 3-Day Course: $500 includes tax

Financial Policy

  • Full payment due to hold your space in the workshop.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel, 85% of your tuition will be fully refunded before 30 days of when your training begins.
  • For cancellations received within 30 days before your course begins, 50% of your registration fee will be refunded.
  • There will be no refund available on the day of the scheduled course.


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