Hawaiian Healing Foundations

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Learn the full-body art form of Lomi Lomi Massage and how to approach bodywork from an ancient Hawaiian perspective at Ho’omana Spa Maui’s Hawaiian Healing Foundaions retreat. Develop an understanding of this holistic healing and infuse your work with energy by mastering Hawaiian medicinal concepts of La’au Lapa’au. Visit Maui’s most sacred sites and discover the power of incorporating hot stones into your practice.

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February 2 to February 12, 2015

Retreat Includes

Lomi Lomi Courses

Lomi Lomi Fundamentals: Student will learn an ancient, full body form of Hawaiian massage that addresses musculo-skeletal imbalances, limited range of motion or dysfunction that is both specific and therapeutic in its application. It is also the foundational work to all Lomi classes being taught at Ho’omana. In addition, students will learn how to increase receptivity to intuitive guidance, Hawaiian Meditation techniques, Healing Chants and Prayers and visit some of Maui’s most sacred sites.

Lomi Lomi ‘Ili ‘ili: Hot Stone Therapy: Students will incorporate the use of hot stones layered upon the foundational concepts gained from lomi lomi fundamentals. These heated tools act as an extension of the therapist’s hands to relax muscles tissues, increase circulation and release tension in the body

Hawaiian Medicinal Therapies: A unique system of spa treatments incorporating traditional La’au Lapa’au Hawaiian Medicine. Learn how to approach the modern spa experience from a Hawaiian healing perspective creating, blending and administering spa therapies using tropical medicinals. Students will learn how to perform dry table scrubs, wraps, herbal facials and create poultices, teas, tinctures, and elixirs. Course includes history of Hawaiian Medicine, ancient gathering practices and healing prayers.

Cultural Excursions

Sacred Sites Tour: Explore Maui’s rich culture through legend and lore in a talk story style. We will visit the island’s most sacred energetic areas. Iao Valley and various heiau (traditional Hawaiian temples) are just few sites on our tour. On this tour we will be learning about plant medicine, ritual cleansing both at the mountain and the ocean visiting sacred Heiau (Hawaiian Temples).

Stone Gathering at Wailua Nui: During your hot stone therapy course, heated implements are used as working stones on the body and are an extension of our hands. We will journey to a peaceful agricultural valley on the east side of Maui where we will learn to gather stones ceremonially with a gathering chant. This allows us the incredible opportunity to give back to the community we are gathering from by working in the taro patch.

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