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Your retreat journey begins even before you arrive as you wind up Pi'iholo Road taking in the scent of eucalyptus.
Each session is considered a “Spa Retreat”. Included in your spa retreat is time for you to unwind, sample our Signature Organic Body Care Products, sip healing herbal teas from the ‘aina (land), and receive a warm welcoming aloha from our team. 
Each service time includes a 10 min Hawaiian Aromatherapy Beauty Bar. Unwind, sip freshly gathered herbal tea, personalize your Experience by selecting from our Signature Body Care Products.

These ten minutes are meaningful to us, as we want you to sink into retreat mode and allow time for yourself to settle into a serene space. This time also opens up space for conversation about the ancient art of Lomi Lomi Massage, Hawaiian culture, and La'au Lapa'au (Plant Medicine), which are all pillars of the Ho'omana experience.

Ho’omana Spa Maui is a Hawaiian owned & operated day spa perpetuating Ancient Hawaiian ways through Lomi Lomi Massage, Ho'oponopono (Energetic Alignment), and La'au Lapa'au (Plant Medicine). Offering Transformational Hawaiian Spa Rituals, Luxurious Couples Retreats, Bridal Spa Events, Healing Baths, and Herbal Beauty & Body Treatments, Ho’omana Spa Maui brings Hawaiian healing to your modern spa experience.

Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, allowing you ample time to get acquainted with our spa, explore our Hawaiian boutique, wander through our native garden, and fill out a short intake form before your scheduled session. Please note that we do our best to honor all scheduled appointment start and end times out of consideration for our guests. Late arrivals may cost you much needed Lomi Lomi time– Trust us, you won’t want to miss even a moment!

Pretreatment Intake Form:

Be sure to list your health information to assist our Lomi Lomi specialists in customizing the best therapeutic experience for your needs. This is your opportunity to disclose any health issues as well as personal preferences. We will use the information provided in your intake form to deliver a safe and effective treatment with attentiveness to your comfort and well-being. You will also have time before your session to let your therapist know of any concerns such as pressure, temperature in the room, sound preferences including talking vs. silence, music etc.

Privacy and Draping:

Our Lomi Lomi specialists are highly professional and take care in providing a safe and comfortable environment for all guests. You are welcome to disrobe to your comfort level, keeping your undergarments on or off during your massage session. Be assured that draping will be discreet and your privacy protected at all times.

Typical Gratuity:

If you are satisfied with your experience, massage therapists welcome tips. Wondering how much? In day spas, 15-20% gratuity is typical.

For questions or inquiries about our spa or educational services, please fill out the form below.

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