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Top 10 Places for Holistic Services on Maui

Published: November 28, 2015 by Pride of Maui

#1 Ho’omana Spa

Ho’omana Spa is tucked away three miles up Piiholo Road in Makawao. However, ‘spa’ is an oversimplification. Ho’omana has the feeling of a quiet retreat, even a cultural center. Ho’omana embraces a long lineage of teachers specializing in traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and related techniques.

Native Hawaiian Jeana Iwalani Naluai and her husband, both massage therapists, originally started the spa out of a single room in their house. Ho’omana now occupies all of their property and includes four treatment rooms, a bathhouse, native botanical gardens, two guesthouses available to rent and a space reserved for Lomi Lomi training. Ho’omana strives to bring ancient Hawaiian healing to the modern day spa experience.

Ho’omana is as authentic as they come. All of their therapists are trained on the property by Kumu Jeana and learn not just a spa technique but also about Hawaiian history and culture. Jeana offers several trainings throughout the year with students coming from all around the world. All of their spa products are made on site and infused with organic herbs from the garden. These range from herbal body mist hydrosols to coconut kukui based sugar and salt scrubs.

Ho’omana means ‘to empower,’ and clients are encouraged to become proactive. Guests walk through the garden where herbs are labeled with the benefits they carry and they can choose which ones they feel drawn to for use in their herbal tea bath. Guests have the option of choosing from an a la carte menu of 60-90 minute massages or longer holistic sessions, which may include chanting, prayers, traditional music, heated stones and cultural education in healing herbs.

  • Ho’omana Spa has four treatment rooms, a bathhouse, native botanical gardens, two guesthouses available to rent and a space reserved for Lomi Lomi training.
  • All of their therapists are trained on the property by Kumu Jeana and learn not just a spa technique but also about Hawaiian history and culture.
  • A la carte menu option of 60-90 minute massages, chanting, prayer, traditional music, heated stones and cultural education in healing herbs are available.

Ho’omana also maintains a blog with recipes, history and wellness tips. For more information, visit their website at or call 808.573.8256.

pride of maui

“Sharing Lomi Aloha”: A Testimonial from The Molokai Dispatch

Published: July 3, 2014 by Bianca Moragne, The Molokai Dispatch

 Sharing Lomi Aloha

The Molokai residents who visited the shaded grounds by Keawanui Fishpond last weekend likely left more relaxed than they arrived. That’s because 15 licensed lomi lomi massage therapists and apprentices performed more than 125 hours of Hawaiian massage treatments free of charge to about 100 community members Friday and Saturday.

Under the breezy shade of blooming tress and the soothing sound of buzzing bees, dozens of Molokai community members were treated to 50-minute treatments. The healing massage therapy was made possible by Ho`omana Spa Maui, which facilitated the visit of the therapists.

“We’re all here to aloha everyone and part of the lomi lifestyle is about giving back,” said Jeana Iwalani Naluai, spa owner and international instructor of lomi lomi massage. “It’s not just a technique this is a way of life, and it’s always been ohana work.”

Molokai Community Outreach 2014

Lomi lomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing art that has been practiced for hundreds of years by practitioners and kupuna, Naluai said. Therapists assist clients in body alignment with rhythmic movements using their forearms, palms, fingers, elbows, knees, feet and sometime sticks and stones.

The massage therapists begin a lomi lomi session by placing their hands gently on the body and remaining still for a few moments and then massaging in long, flowing, dance-like strokes. Additionally, spiritual chants, prayers and guided meditation may be incorporated.

Over the last few months, therapists were able to fundraise for this community outreach event by running a lomi-thon on Maui. Local businesses and community members on Maui donated roughly $1200 to bring therapists to Molokai to offer lomi lomi therapy, Naluai said. The mission is to “share aloha with our Hawaiian community and our Molokai brothers and sisters,” she added.

Community outreach is a huge aspect of Ho`omana Spa and each therapist must complete 38 hours of volunteer service a year and organize one outreach event.

Two years ago Justin Kekiwi, a massage therapist student and Molokai native, was awarded the Ho`omana Spa Maui’s Native Hawaiian Scholarship to attend their year-long training to obtain his Hawaii massage license. As part of his community service hours, Kekiwi jumped on the opportunity to give back to Molokai and with this service project event.

“Lomi is different. It’s Hawaiian and it’s deeper than massage. There are many layers of spiritual aspects and it helps a lot of people,” Kekiwi said. “Now, we’re going to share it around the world and with anyone who wants to receive it.”

Lomithon Community Outreach 2014

After noticing a lack of Native Hawaiians in her classes at the spa, Naluai started offering a scholarship program in 2009 specifically for Native Hawaiian students interested in learning and practicing lomi lomi. The scholarship allows 10 students a year with five every session in the fall or spring season. To date, she’s had four students enrolled each year.

“They learn how to not only connect with the muscles but with the bones because Hawaiians believe that’s where your mana is, that’s where your life force is, and that’s where your whole soul, lineage and story is held,” Naluai said.
For Kekiwi, the scholarship program has been “life changing” and said he wants to continue healing and spreading the aloha of lomi lomi on all the islands.

This is the first year Ho`omana Spa Maui has conducted community service on another island. Kekiwi said he hopes the Molokai community service project will become an annual event and thanks the community for making it a success.

“It was a treat to not only have them here giving back to the community, but to show them the fishpond and sustainable living on Molokai,” said local host coordinator Hanohano Naehu.  “This is such a treat and a blessing.”

Keawanui Fishpond is more than a fishpond, but a sustainable place to practice Hawaiian activities and to embrace the Hawaiian culture, Naehu said. That is why he partnered with Kekiwi to offer the fishpond as the site for the community service project.

“There are some activities that we can do today that link us directly to our ancestors,” Naehu said. “One is lomi lomi. Doing or receiving it is like working the fishpond; I’m receiving what my kupuna received. My body is getting fixed in a Hawaiian way.”

Ho`omana Spa Maui will host another outreach event on Maui in December and on Kauai at the beginning of next year.

Excerpt from “A Local’s View By Judy Tsuei

Published: August 30, 2012 by

A Local’s View

“… A short while later, we arrive at Hale Ho’omana Spa, owned by Jeana Naluai and her husband Justin Tarfuri. Located on the slopes of Mount Haleakala where roosters roam free, the spa is designed to be a cozy retreat center specializing in Hawaiian healing therapies and spa services. “Ho’omana” means to be empowered, which is exactly what Jeana and her sweet staff aim to do, by offering services that not only bring you to a state of true bliss and well-being, but also by becoming an education center for people to learn how to truly live healthy from the inside out.

For real aloha spirit and a tenderly sweet retreat in the quietness of Upcountry, Ho’omana Spa is the place to go. Our next-day couples Lomi Lomi massage is soothing, yet even more delightful is the time I spend chatting with Jeana one-on-one. The handcrafted, locally-produced products she creates are inspired by intuitive understandings she has learned from ancient healers.

“All that my auntie was doing, I’m still doing. I took her formulas, mixed it with Western herbs, and put it in a mist hydrosol. The delivery is different, but the energy is the same,” Jeana says with an ebullient joy and deep appreciation for her culture.

As we chat in the high-roofed spa treatment room, she tells me of how Hale Ho’omana came to be and why it was so important to her that the spa offerings are rooted in an honoring of what Hawaii is all about, such as guided tours to Maui’s sacred sites for interested guests.

“I couldn’t breathe when I came into this room. I saw myself here; I saw it all. Halfway through building Hale Ho’oamana, we ran out of money, so we held these Kapuna conferences,” Jeana re-tells in a way that shows how challenges can truly become blessings. “‘Kapuna’ means elder, and they would come and speak about a lot of different things—Ho’oponoponopono (an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness technique), how to perpetuate Hawaiian culture, a lot of healing talks. The community came in to listen and learn. From there, we took half the profits and gave it to the elders, while the rest went into building this place. After we were done, we started doing workshops and Lomi Lomi massage trainings to continue to cultivate our culture. Now, we have a Lomi Lomi apprenticeship program that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the island!”…”

“Maui’s Top 10 Off the Beaten Path”: A Testimonial From

Published: May 28, 2014 by Alexandra Mitchell,

#3 Hale Ho’omana Spa

Located up Piiholo Road on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala, lies a true Maui gem; a sweet and precious private spa and retreat center. The Hale Ho’omana Spa is Hawaiian owned and operated, and specializes in organic spa treatments, ancient Hawaiian healing therapies and spa products. Ho’omana translates to “empowered” in the ancient Hawaiian language, and that is exactly how guests feel post treatment at this uniquely private Maui spa. A handful of the most popular spa treatments at the Ho’omana Spa are: Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage, Ancient Hawaiian Bodywork, Hawaiian Herbal Facials, and Hot Stone Therapy. For massage therapists, you can deepen your knowledge with Lomi Lomi Instruction and Hawaiian Healing Programs offered throughout the year. In addition to providing luxurious spa treatments, the Ho’omana Spa also offers Workshops & Classes, Cultural Activities, and Maui Eco Tours.

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