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“Even though I had practiced massage therapy for 23 years by then, I knew there was something more specific that I was seeking in my work and life.  By using these tools, I have become more of the person I want to be”

- Teresa Williams, LMT.  Cheverly, Maryland


“I intend to embody the chants I have learned and every time I sing them the more alive I feel! Thank you very much for the opportunities you have guided me to and for the support I now feel in faith.”  

- Shelby Mossman, Maui, Hawaii


“During my work on others, both casually and formally, I make use of my Lomi lomi education in both conversation and hands on relaxing muscles to create more space and freedom between our bones and thus ancestors;  Improving our mental physical and spiritual potential and creating deep healing through generations.”

- Jennifer Sutton, Maui, Hawaii


“Lomi Lomi has changed my life and how I approach healing and its challenges. I am grateful for your knowledge, your teaching and mostly the sharing. You are a gift to the art”

- Blossom DeRego

“I ADORE doing the Fundamentals massage that you taught us - clients that have been with me for years are LOVING it too. I feel myself much more centred and earthed when I'm doing Lomi Lomi....And I know that people are connecting very deeply into their bones and their soul…”  

-Juliet O’Keefe

"We met Jeana and everything changed.  After immersing my self with Lomi and culture, I truly believe Lua (Hawaiian martial arts) is a part of, and the end of Lomi Lomi.  Lua is a last resort, arising from  Aloha as a way to stop someone before inflicting any more loss of mana to themselves or others.  Lua arises from a healers heart. And, you have to heal yourself, and others first, to understand that. I sincerely believe this is a major step for martial/warrior training.”

- Brent Ramos

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