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Advanced Lomi Lomi Intensive

Coming 2018 | 117 C.E. Hours | $2,475

Ho’omana’s Advanced Lomi Lomi Spring Intensive is for those who want to explore authentic Hawaiian Healing and then dive deeper. Learn the full-body art form of Lomi Lomi massage and how to approach bodywork from an ancient Hawaiian perspective.

In Advanced Lomi Lomi, students are taught the system developed by kupuna, elders, called the “Wisdom of the Bones”. Learn to see beyond physical pain and navigate the emotional or spiritual components using this powerful perspective. Hold a greater level of sacred space of healing space for your clients with the tools gained in this 18-day retreat.
Additional costs include housing, food and transportation. Please see our full course description

Tuition $2475
3 Payments $825

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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training

Welcome Ceremony 8:30 am (Includes Sacred Sites Tour)
33 C.E. Hours

Advanced Lomi Lomi: Core & Skeletal Alignment

(Includes Cultural Excursion)
33 C.E. Hours

Advanced Lomi Lomi: Extremities & Attachments

 (Includes Community Outreach on the 23rd)
27 C.E. Hours

Kua Lua Hawaiian Back Walking

(Begins at 8am at La Perrouse Bay for ½ day Cultural Excursion)
24 C.E. Hours

Tuition $2475
3 Payments $825

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Spring Lomi Lomi Advanced Intensive consists of four courses:

Lomi Lomi Fundamentals:

Ho’omana’s core introductory training is the foundation and pre-requisite for all courses.  Learn full-body massage techniques that you can use to heal family, friends and loved ones, as well as:

  • Proper assessment, palpation, and treatment of injury
  • How to increase receptivity to intuitive guidance
  • Hawaiian meditation techniques, healing chants and prayers to awaken the healer within
  • How to create more harmony and balance through giving and receiving magical healing touch

Introduction to Ho’opono’pono, the Hawaiian’s clearing system to maintain energetic alignment and harmony with Spirit, self and others

Sacred sites tour: Students explore Maui's rich culture through legend and lore in a "talk-story" style. Visit the island's most sacred energetic landscapes and Hawaiian temples. Learn about plant medicine, ritual cleansing at the mountain and the ocean. Take part in chanting ceremony.


Advanced Lomi Lomi: Core & Skeletal Alignment:

From a Hawaiian Perspective, our backbone is a symbol of an ancestral connection.  The bones are your living record of being, the doorway to life and ancestral wisdom of the soul. The kupuna, ancestors, offer stability and support just as the spine supports the body. When the physical body is brought into alignment, there is a space held for the spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies to also realign.

Use Lomi Fundamentals to relax and warm the muscles, then apply advanced techniques to release the joints at the tendon and ligament attachments.  Address acute injury without causing more pain for your clients. Support the skeleton and surrounding muscles that play a critical role in wholeness and health.

Included in the Week Long Retreat: 

Sacred Sites Tour: The advanced sacred sites tour explores the culture through legend and lore. We visit some of the island's energetic landscapes and Hawaiian temples on the West Shore. During the tour, students learn about the importance of bones and their meanings, ancestral wisdom and take part in chanting ceremony.  We will have lunch at the ocean and cleanse before visiting one of Maui’s most secluded and potent sacred sites.


Advanced Lomi Lomi: Extremities and Attachments:  

Continue your instruction in the “Wisdom of the Bones”.  This course focus on circulation of nutrients from the blood, elimination of waste products in lymphatics and communication of the nervous system.  Emphasis is placed on following the symptom to it’s source.  Increase flexibility and use subtle positioning to bring the body into optimal alignment all the way to the tips of the fingers and toes.


Kua Lua - Hawaiian Back Walking:  

Kua Lua is the traditional style of back walking and footwork. Students will learn to work with specific implements gathered from nature. Use these tools to assist with balance, coordination and intuition. Through this advanced technique, students gain the ability to feel with their feet in the way one would feel with their hands. This is an excellent form of massage for more dense clients who need additional depth in their treatment, as well as journey on their breath, release toxins, increase circulation and move stagnate energy.  

All Lomi Lomi courses are taught by Jeana Iwalani Naluai, MPT, LMT and her team of lomi specialists. Through talk-story, demonstration, and hands-on practice, students will experience this foundational learning in a rich way. Our instructor’s knowledge is passed down through a long lineage of master practitioners. Ho’omana Lomi Lomi Training is dedicated to the development of each student’s mind, body and spirit.   We are committed to a supportive and quality learning experience that inspires transformation.


Learning Outcomes & Course Objectives

1. Course Outcomes-

Students will demonstrate proficiency in a system of advanced lomi lomi massage techniques to incorporate into their fundamentals practice
Students will demonstrate proficiency in advanced Lomi Lomi including understanding the function of GTO, stacking joints in the direction of work, tracking the symptoms to their source from superficial to deep
Students will demonstrate proficiency in assessment and palpation skills for optimal body alignment.

Students will be proficient in working at the level of the tendons and ligaments to open the joint and reset the alignment of the bones
Students will obtain knowledge of the wisdom of the bones and their relationship to Hawaiian healing philosophy of care

2. Course Objectives-
Students will list indications for performing advanced lomi lomi techniques on various patient populations
Students will demonstrate proper body mechanics throughout massage session
Students will demonstrate draping methods for a variety of movements and positions
Students will demonstrate and appropriate client history and communication
Students will use broad, relaxed contact near attachments for minimal firing of pain receptors and soothing strokes to interrupt inflammatory response in tissues

Students will deepen their intuitive listening at a deeper level

Early Bird Tuition $2275 (Feb. 1, 2017)
Tuition $2475
3 Payments $825

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Food is not included in the retreat and students are asked to bring a lunch and snacks each day to class and during the outings.


Ho'omana offers shared dorm-style housing for students who are enrolled in a Lomi course. Accommodations include bed linen, towels, private bathroom and kitchenette. Fees $60 per night, one time cleaning fee of $45 plus 13.42% tax. Accommodations are offered on a first come first serve basis. We sell out every retreat so it is recommended to book early.


You will find a driving map and directions on our website driving map/directions and sitemap for your cottage parking and location. We encourage you to print a copy of the driving map and directions to Ho’omana as well as a site map of our property before arrival. You may also visit for directional information.


If you need airport pick-up, please arrange with our Taxi service, Sunset Taxi who is willing to pick our students up at the airport and take them for a 30 minute grocery stop at Whole Foods Market and then onto Ho’omana retreat center. The fee is $70 and you will pay the service directly.
Their contact info is: Nick Wilson EMAIL:

Tuition $2475
3 Payments $825

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  • Full payment due to hold your space in the workshop.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel, 85% of your tuition will be fully refunded before 30 days of when your training begins.
  • For cancellations received within 30 days before your course begins, 50% of your registration fee will be refunded.
  • There will be no refund available on the day of the scheduled course.

Tuition $2475
3 Payments $825

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