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Coming 2019

The next retreat on Maui is the
Month Long Immersion
August 26- September 20, 2018

Is Ho’omana Lomi Lomi Right for me?

In ancient times, Lomi Lomi was family work, used to keep everyone in the home healthy and strong. The village healer acted as doctor, psychologist, pharmacist, physical therapist - treating the whole person.

Ho’omana’s style of lomi comes from 6 lineages of Hawaiian elders who have entrusted Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai to share them with you.

Previous bodywork is not necessary.

Ho’omana Lomi Lomi trainings are for anyone who is ready to access their own healing legacy to serve their family, community and the world.

Lomi Lomi Fundamentals

Ho’omana’s core introductory training is the foundation and pre-requisite for all courses. Learn full-body massage that combines modern, scientific technique and ancient Hawaiian wisdom for healing at all levels:
* Proper assessment and treatment of injury
* How to create more harmony and balance through giving and receiving magical healing touch
* Ho’opono’pono, the Hawaiian’s clearing system to maintain energetic alignment and harmony with Spirit, self and others

Sacred sites tour: Visit the island's most sacred energetic landscapes and Hawaiian temples. Learn about plant medicine, ritual cleansing at the mountain and the ocean. Take part in chanting ceremony.

Lomi 'Ili 'Ili: Hot Stone Therapy

Learn to infuse your work with the healing energy of the “aina (land). Visit Maui’s most sacred sites and discover the power of incorporating heated stones into your practice. In ancient times, Lomi Lomi practitioners learned how to work on the physical body together with the spirit of a plant or a stone, requesting assistance with their healing practice.

Stone Gathering at Wailua Nui: Journey to a historic agricultural valley and learn to gather stones ceremonially with a gathering chant. Use the chant to and gathering protocol to collect stones close to your home 'Aina (land) to envoke support from the earth where you live.

Hawaiian Medicinal Therapies: La'au Lapa'au

In this continuation of the holistic approach of Lomi Lomi, Students will learn how to make elixirs, poultices, teas, and tinctures using traditional plant medicine. Discover how to perform dry table scrubs, wraps, herbal facials and more. Explore the history of La’au Lapa’u and traditional practices for gathering, pairing, and administering herbal formulations..Students will learn how to blend healing body care products that are straight from nature, as well as the healing qualities of Hawaii’s tropical plants.


I am a Native Hawaiian. Lomi Lomi Instructor. Physical Therapist. Licensed Massage Therapist. Wife and Mother of 4. I am passionate about sharing Lomi Lomi and the spiritual teachings of Aloha.

I am the owner of Ho’omana Spa Maui, rated #1 Spa by TripAdvisor on the Island of Maui and Founder of Ho’omana Lomi Lomi Training, where I have helped thousands of students all over the world unlock the healer within and step into their own healing gifts.

As a kumu and Hawaiian cultural practitioner, my mission is to activate healers. I believe the students who join our Lomi ‘Ohana, family, are answering a call from generations past to carry this healing work forward to the present and future.

When you work with me, you’ll walk away with a set of tools for working with clients therapeutically, the knowledge of Hawaiian meditation, chant and sacred ceremony and a new awareness of the magic that exists in the world.

Hawaiian Healing Foundations

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