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Hoomana Lomi Lomi is Reaching all the way to Africa

Hoomana Lomi Lomi is reaching across the globe all the way to the mother land of Africa. This August, I have the absolute pleasure of traveling to South Africa to teach lomi lomi in Cape Town Aug 15-17 and to connect with United Nations advocate Baba Credo Mutwa. Baba was involved with our late Aunty Mahilani Poepoe and Hale Makua in an international elders council in service to humanity and global peace. During various sacred sites journeys held over the last 10 years I have shared of many stories of Aunty and her special time spent in Africa. One of the great stories shared is of the Zulu Necklace of Mysteries. The gift of this necklace is devoted to understanding of the true oneness of humanity to which we all belong and our interconnectedness. I have linked a video recently published on Vimeo by the World Indigenous Science Network. In the video you will see the necklace, learn of our demi-god Maui’s connection to Africa, and hear Aunty Mahilani speaking her ancient language Olelo Makuahine (mother tongue).

We are in a time of extreme weather changes, connection thorugh worldwide communications highways, and profound spiritual awakening on a global level. The message that these elders brought was one of bringing balance back to humanity and to the earth through one heart consciousness. One of the prophecies of the necklace was that “the tribes of one heart would return to the mother land in the years following 2012, the time of the opening.”

Baba Credo Mutwa & Aunty Mahilani Poepoe examining the necklace.

Check out this video from WISN

Sadly, the necklace is no longer with Baba. It was stolen in Swaziland when Baba attempted to share it’s significance to promote tribal peace. Let’s all put out an intention of light surrounding this precious relic.

I look forward to a time of deep gratitude, expanded listening, and heart opening during my travels to see what role I can play in supporting the vision of these powerful elders into tomorrow.

I will take you all with me as I walk in Aunty’s footsteps holding a torch of light and peace as I walk the ancient land of our ancestors sharing lomi lomi, ho’oponopono, and Aloha. Mahalo to Aunty Apela Colorado with the World Indigenous Science Network (WISN), and Cecilia Ponce de Leon who have sponsored me and made this dream a reality. I will be documenting my journeys. Stay tuned for the next post of My Sacred Journey to Africa.

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