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Enhance Your Massage Practice, Learn Hawaiian Healing Lomi Lomi Massage

Ho'omana Lomi Lomi Training

Ho’omana Spa Maui is an educational center on the island of Maui, sharing the Hawaiian healing art form of Lomi Lomi and spiritual teachings of Aloha with those who are ready to find and embrace their own healing gifts.

Do you feel a calling to the islands of Hawaii?

Do you desire to bring more spiritual connection to your work? Are you willing to connect soul to soul with another to create limitless transformation for body, mind and spirit? Ho’omana Lomi Lomi trainings are for anyone who wants to learn to access their own healing legacy that can serve your family, community and the world. Previous bodywork is not necessary. We are dedicated to providing a supportive and quality learning environment that inspires transformation for every student. We welcome you to join our Lomi ‘Ohana!

Lomi Lomi Month Long Immersion


Ho’omana Spa Maui’s 160-Hour Lomi Lomi Month-Long Immersion Program integrates Hawaiian healing bodywork and cultural education. Students focus on perpetuating the sacred healing art forms known as Lomi Lomi, Ho’oponopono, and La’au Lapa’au. Immersing themselves in the Hawaiian the values of Aloha Spirit, ‘Ohana, Malama, Kokua, and Pono.

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Lomi Lomi Mastership Training


Lomi Lomi Mastership Training is intended for the practitioner who has committed to Lomi Lomi as a specialty by integrating all courses offered through Ho’omana Spa Maui. After the practitioner has developed an understanding of working with the body through muscles, tendons and attachments, and has begun integrating the mental/emotional aspect into their practice through Ho’oponopono, they are ready to dive deeper into the spiritual work and the deepest layer of Ho’onohoiwi—bone-setting.

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Hawaiian Healing Foundations


Learn the full-body art form of Lomi Lomi Massage and how to approach bodywork from an ancient Hawaiian perspective at Ho’omana Spa Maui’s Hawaiian Healing Foundations retreat. Develop an understanding of this holistic healing and infuse your work with energy. Visit Maui’s most sacred sites and discover the power of incorporating hot stones into your practice.

Coming 2018

Advanced Lomi Lomi Spring Intensive

Coming 2018

Ho’omana’s Advanced Lomi Lomi Spring Intensive is for those who want to explore authentic Hawaiian Healing and then dive deeper. Learn the full-body art form of Lomi Lomi massage and how to approach bodywork from an ancient Hawaiian perspective

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Private Training

Private Training: Lomi Lomi Basics for Everyone 4 Hours | By appointment Lomi Lomi is a beautiful gift you give to yourself and the ones you love. In ancient times, lomi lomi was family work, used to keep everyone in the home healthy and strong. Bring Hawaiian Healing into every-day life, Learn full-body massage techniques that you […]

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