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Overwhelmed to Overcoming in 3 simple steps

I’ve been working on a HUGE project for the last 6 months.  It’s the latest step in my journey to express ancient Hawaiian teachings of our Kupuna in a modern world.

At times, I’ve been overwhelmed.

I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into the Ho’omana Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Online – writing copy, recording training videos, creating emails and everything else that goes on in a launch.

Have you ever noticed when you start to create something amazing, the distractions start coming at you from all directions?

For me, it looks like this:

I plan a day to start filming. I get all dressed up, put my makeup on, fix my hair and walk outside with my camera.  And it starts pouring down rain.

I start recording a training session, get really nervous, do about 16 takes and decide, “I just don’t want to film today”.  Game over.

I think I’ll do a recording tomorrow…and then baby Kahele gets sick.

I schedule a video shoot, and my model doesn’t show up.

We push the launch date back.  And back again.

And then yesterday, right as I’m about to go on LIVE camera…my tech goes out.  Arrrgh!!

This project is a shared passion of my sister – our class coordinator – and me. As we both have invested time and energy into this new venture, all our stuff starts coming up. We start bickering over silly little things.  It feels like elementary school again with me wanting to please and wishing to gain her approval.

And I start to ask myself, “Is this thing ever going to happen?”

And then the little voice in my head reminds me, “When the timing is perfect.  When the timing is right.  When all elements align… THEN it would be the right time for the launch because my students need this. DON’T GIVE UP!!”


If Ke Akua and the Ancestors are in charge of this project, it will flow seamlessly. Just reschedule for another time until it feels like the right timing.

Sometimes when we take on too much, it feels like nothing’s working out. When that happens, take a deep breath.  Really Listen.

The Ho’omana Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Online launched today. 

It’s what my Lomi Lomi students have been asking for. A way to connect with the way they felt while they were at Ho’omana as they continue in the work.  A way to refine their skills.  A gathering of soul support to be in the Aloha bubble that we all reminisce about.

I’ve been expanding too. 

One of the biggest challenges to creating the ‘Ohana Online is having a classroom without having real life people.   It was nerve racking to peer into a little silver box with a miniature camera.  It felt like speaking into the void.

Sharing the the extraordinary energies of the people gathered in the classroom is one of my favorite aspects of teaching!

I’ve come to realize the little hole in the computer, or tablet, or iPhone, or lens of the camera, is potentially a worldwide audience of thousands.   People who will benefit from the teachings of the Ancestors.  Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana who will be inspired to take the next step in their healing journey.

This put me at ease.

I was able to find a place in myself that could connect to find YOU. All the way across the ethernet.  Through the world wide web. To get these teachings out.  So you can use them to integrate these teachings right in your own home.

Whenever you are faced with a large project that you’re passionate about. And it feels like distractions are keeping you from your goal…

Follow these 3 simple steps.

Remember to breathe.

Listen for when it’s right timing.

Don’t give up.

Know that as long as you keep your eye on that goal, no’ono’o pono – practice positive outcome thinking-, then you too will get to the finish line.

All of your Guides and Guidance and Ancestors and Spirit can also move through you to bring those projects that you’re working on, that your world needs, into fruition.  

Ready to take your Lomi Lomi practice to the next level?The Ho’omana Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana online is an online membership that offers a Lomi Lomi review course library, meditations, Soul Tribe community and access to LIVE Lomi Lomi Trainings, Q&A sessions, masterclasses, events and replays. Each month you will receive exclusive content I know you will love. You’ll have a support system in place to inspire you on every step of your healing journey.Doors close August 7, 2017 so make sure to take your place in our ‘Ohana Online today!! 

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