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Release The Burden

The burdens we carry do not always belong to us.

In this life, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to heal backwards and forwards.

The work we do today affects ourselves, our ancestors and our descendants.

We recently had our Maori Ohana, Audie and Caroline Beazley visiting here from New Zealand. They spoke of burdens we carry for our ancestors.

The Maori have a clearing ceremony, called Pure (POO-ray).

They go out in the ocean in the early, early morning when it’s still dark. Four men are the Pou, the guardians, on the four corners. They wade into the icy, cold water and bring in the family, that’s children, elders, women and men.

In part of the ceremony, they ask the ancestors to come and lift away the things they have put on the descendants.

Audie is very intuitive. He’s a seer and on one occasion, he witnessed the ancestral canoe coming on the ocean from the spirit place.

It was an ancient style of canoe. Very different from the modern carved canoes that the Maori have today. He received it as powerful confirmation that the ancestors were preparing to relieve the burdens they had left behind.

Sometimes, the loads we carry feel like a lot. It can get heavy.

We carry our stuff. The stories of our ancestors. Our families. Our histories and timelines.

We get overwhelmed with the weight on our shoulders.

In Lomi Lomi, we have a clearing ceremony that we call Hiu Wai (HEE-yu Va-ee).

We go to the mountain stream to cleanse. We let the water flow from the top of our head out through our fingers and toes. With intention, we ask the fresh water to cleanse and renew.

We also have a ceremony at the ocean. Very, very early in the morning, we set intentions to cleanse and clear. We ask the ocean to purify.

This is a lesson about the magic of healing that can happen. The next generation does not have to suffer the burdens…

Ho’omana -Be empowered. If you are ready and willing to release and let go and help to heal, on the other side, kupuna ancestors are going to be doing their part.

We create the healing path together.

We don’t have to do this alone. The ancestors are working together with us to lift off the load. All we have to do is connect, ask, believe, and receive the support.

Here is a meditation for you:

Walk to the shoreline and declare your intention.

“There are things (matters, concerns, events) I’m carrying that do not belong to me. These belong to my ancestors. I carry them through my ancestral lineage in my DNA.

I release the things that I have been given and ask the ancestors to be present with me to lift away what is theirs so that I may live a life of freedom and for the healing of my family line.”

Jump in the ocean and dunk three times.

“Mahalo. Thank you for your support and care for me and our future generations.”

Exit the water.

Are you ready to clear the past? Are you willing to try this clearing ceremony? Let me know in the comments below:

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