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Walk for Water

It’s time to Walk for Water.

And if you need an extra incentive, by participating in this event, you’ll get a FREE, 50-minute massage at Ho’omana Spa Maui.  

It’s all happening on May 29th, 2017, Memorial Day, at 8:08 A.M.


A movement to honor the water shed. The pathway of the freshwater, mana wai olathe water of life.

Mana wai ola is the life giving water that flows from the mountain to the sea.

Our Walk 4 Water will begin at Ho’omana Spa on Pi’iholo and end at Ho ‘okipa Beach in Pā’ia. Pi’iholo to Pā’ia and Ho’omana to Ho ‘okipa.

The idea for this Walk for Water came from Here’s why:

Everything in the ocean depends on the watershed.

The Hawaiians knew how to honor the ocean and the freshwater that work together to sustain life.

This is how it works…

The ocean sends its sea spray. All of our native Hawaiian plants have big pods. Their purpose is to capture the water.

The plants hold the water until the sun comes out.  That water evaporates into the air, creates moisture and produces clouds.   

Those clouds sit over the mountaintop and pour freshwater back down.  Through the streams and underground aquifers, the waters travel back to the ocean.

In the space where the freshwater and seawater collide, all of the limu, the seaweed on the shoreline, thrive.  This space is the muliwai (moo-lee-VAH-EE).

Muliwai is where the fish come to spawn.

And so, the Hawaiians have fisheries down at the ocean where the springs, rivers and streams meet the ocean.

This is the relationship that the mountain has to the sea.

All of the living organisms on the way down get to have the water of life, freshwater, to sustain it.

It’s been so disheartening over the years, because at one time, East Maui irrigation was diverting 100% of the water. The water is taken for use in resorts, different agricultural projects, and for selling the water back to the people.

Malama ‘Aina. To live in harmony with and care for the land. 

At Ho’omana, our ‘ohana is committed to Malama ‘Aina. the past 13 years, we have been going to taro patch on the east side of the island in a place called Wailua Nui.  We’ve been helping the farmers there to plant, harvest and open the taro patches.

In Hawaiian culture, Haloa represents all living things on the land including the land itself, animals and plants. Haloa is represented in the taro fields.

In one of our creation stories, taro is ancestor. Older brother. Elder. Haloa.  It gets the freshwater first because we honor it.

In fact, Hawaiian law states that the first water goes to Haloa.

So, we’ve been helping farmers to open the taro patches for all of these years.  This isn’t the job they use to support their families.  They work a regular 9 to 5 for that.  They farm the taro to help the community.

To continue the culture.

But to harvest the taro, you must have water.  Without a taro patch, you cannot claim the water.  Do you see the dilemma?!

It takes a year, from the time you plant to the day you harvest.

I remember planting a taro patch and then returning a few months later…the taro was rotting. Literally. Rotting in the Earth, because it didn’t have that cool fresh water.  Heartbreaking.

The farmers got together, and legally exercised their right to open the watershed so the water could come down. They’re still fighting for that water to come down.

And we will join them. 

The Walk4Water begins at Ho’omana Spa Maui on May 29, 2017 at 8:08am. 

Dressed in blue, we as women, are taking a stand.  We will walk together to Ho’okipa to represent the water.

I hope that you choose to join me in the Walk 4 Water.

The first 100 women that sign up to do the walk, will receive FREE 50-minute signature Lomi Lomi massage, in our spa.

To learn more or know more about this amazing project, go to and find out how you can participate.


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