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Harness White Light for Healing

Q: Sometimes, a client will have an emotional release on my table and I leave the session feeling completely drained. What can I do to keep my own energetic boundaries?

I’m so glad that people are finally beginning to talk about this issue. For the longest time, it’s been a taboo subject in educational settings. I’ve even heard this advice: “Just end the session immediately and refer them to a psychologist”. But that is not the Ho’omana way.

Anchor in White Light

White Light is basically about anchoring pure energy.

White light is useful in dream-walking, where you take someone back to a past trauma. Intuitively, you walk with their high spirit back to the place where whatever traumatic event occurred, encouraging them to receive the gifts from that experience and leave the suffering behind, supporting them into walking back to the present with a healing.

Let me share a story to illustrate…

I was in clinic. One of my therapists had a client come in who uses deep breath work as an avenue of journeying while he’s on the table.

It was an open space with curtained treatment rooms. I was walking between rooms supervising students.

When I walked by this particular student’s table, I could see that not only was the client deep journeying – his spirit was clearly elsewhere outside the room – but the student who was supposed to be grounded and holding space, was traveling there too!

She was moving a lot of energy through her body. She was breathing in that same way but also emoting quite a bit. Energetically, her spirit was lifting off too.

Immediately, I went and got ‘Awa root, salt and ti leaves to bring her back down.

This is a warning sign: If you are holding sacred space and you fly off into the distance with them… who is going to bring either of you back?

We, as practitioners, are the ones who must stay grounded in our space holding. We are the anchor.

When you allow yourself to feel everything another is feeling to the depth described above – Pain. Trauma. Despair. – there is no longer a conscious grounding force in this plane of existence to anchor you back. Energetically, you are both adrift.

With careful intention, you can cultivate a powerful healing practice by learning to anchor white light and remain grounded while you access to the Ike Papalua – the space of knowledge between the two realms of the earthly and the spiritual plane.

One of my great mentors with anchoring energy is Ruth Kramer. When this anchoring is practiced with care, the feeling is a powerful and transformative meditation.

The practice

Call in white light to pour down from the Source above.

This pure and powerful anchor, gives your client the opportunity allow their high, all-knowing spirit to travel to do the work that they need to do. The work is not limited by time, space and matter the way we are accustomed to experiencing this on the plane. They are safe to journey and return, because YOU are holding sacred space for them to do so in the Here and Now.

The high spirit is able to journey, complete its work and then travel all the way back to the body.

This is the intention I set in my practice. I journey with them as a guide and support to prompt what is needed. It’s like a guided meditation.

I anchor myself in White Light, grounded in the Here and Now.

When the mission is complete, the healing gifts have been retrieved, and the pain and trauma have been released. We can come all the way back.

White Light Expands

Be aware: the more light that you anchor in, the more that light that will fill the surrounding area.

When someone has an emotional release, they are moving pure energy. Light is being anchored. The more light anchoring that happens in a space, the greater the energy. The vibration lifts and this amazing energy of connection can pour out onto others as well.

In Advanced Lomi Lomi class, I’ve had someone on one side of the room laughing hysterically. On the other side of the room, a person may alternate between shivering and sweating, A third person might be belching. It’s all energy moving.

They are all anchoring light.

When their light comes in, things that are ready to move are released. Anything that does not match pure light energy will shift.

Here are some warning signs to alert you that grounding is needed:

  1. You, as the practitioner, feel as if you have the inescapable need to take a deep, deep cleansing breath.
  2. You, as the practitioner, feel the need to emote with no prompting from your end energetically.
  3. You see the bottom lip quivering as if they are going to cry.
  4. You notice tears welling up in the persons eyes, short and pulsating inhales like hyperventilation, whimpering.
  5. Your client begins to tighten up. They stop breathing as if to brace themselves against something coming.
  6. Your client gets “chicken skin” or goosebumps without a change in temperature in the room that can lead to shaking, shivering.

When you see or feel any of these things happening, this is the perfect time to guide your client towards anchoring white light. Wrap your feet around the legs of your wooden table.


Guide them in this meditation.

Light Anchoring Meditation

Imagine that there is a pillar of white light coming down from the heavens, through the crown of your head, all the way down to each area of your body.

Envision this brilliance flowing down through the spine, filling your lung space, pouring down through every organ, every bone in the body down and out the fingertips and toes.

Imagine that you are anchoring in so much light that as you look down, you even see it peeking through between your toes.

See this pure light reaching down and linking to core of the earth. From the peak of heaven to the depths of the earth, this white light anchors the body in the Here and Now.

This is your anchor of pure white healing light.

Ask for Guidance

This place of pure white energy is an amazing space to connect with your higher spirit. Ask for Spirit to tell you anything that you need to know.

Ask your High Spirit to look down at the body to see anywhere that there may be stagnation, pain, trauma. Ask to be shown colors in your auric field that may give insight into areas that need to be released. Receive guidance that you can bring into the physical plane. Spirit will guide you, as the practitioner in direction you need to hold the space of healing.

When you are grounded in this way, you will not carry or invite the energies from the client on your table into the body to take up residence. You will not feel drained of your personal energy.

You will instead, allow things to move through, while maintaining your own mana, spiritual divine essence.

If you would like even more tools to raise your mana, download my FREE mini-guide “10 Practices to Ignite, Reclaim and Maintain your Spiritual Power”.

Have you ever felt like the energy was moving and you didn’t know what do do? I’d love to answer your questions in the comments below.

Next week, I’ll be sharing some protective medicine you can use in your healing practice.

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