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The Beginning of Ho’omana

I remember driving onto the property at Ho’omana for the first time…immediately I had chicken skin.

This week, we had an awesome excursion with my students at the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage.  I always like to take students out of the classroom so they can experience Lomi Lomi as a living practice. Living, breathing and rooted in nature.

I brought them to Ho’omana, our home. When we arrived, someone said, “Oh my gosh, it’s so beautiful here. How did this come to you? How did you do all this?”

Of course, I didn’t do it alone. It’s still a dream. I have to pinch myself every day.  This is my life and I get to live and raise my family in this beautiful place.

In the healing arts, our space is a top priority. 

We want to have a way to reach our people and a way for people to reach us. We want to have a place where people can come and feel nurtured and supported and receive healing. We create our space of healing.

Back in the early 2000’s, I was living in California.  I took a business class and the instructor invited me to create a Dream Board.  I cut out pictures from magazines and began to build my vision.  Images of Hawaii. Rainbows and dolphins.  An active lifestyle.  Healing. Yoga.  Massage. In big letters, it said:


I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I just didn’t know how to get it.  I didn’t know what it would actually look like in the end. But, I still held the vision.

I finally made my way back to Maui and I was renting a little studio in Kihei at a chiropractor’s office.  One evening, I was at clinic with Aunty Mahi and a woman came in. 

Aunty introduced us and said, “Oh she’s a realtor…and when you’re ready to move up country, contact her.”

At that time, I had absolutely no intention of moving up country. I was a beach girl, living in Kihei.  I couldn’t imagine giving up my life at the beach, but I didn’t say anything. I nodded at Aunty and kept on working.

Anyway, some time goes by. Auntie Mahi has passed away and now I was alone. My life had changed dramatically as well – half of the money I had planned to use for my retreat center walked out the door with my husband.

I am thinking..

“Now I am even further from manifesting that dream!”

Meanwhile, I started looking for a small house in Kihei. One bedroom to do massage in and the other bedroom to live in.  My sister came for a visit around this same time.

She asked me, “Hey. Do you know any realtors? I need to invest some money and you know, after our grandma dies there’s really nowhere for us to come home to in the islands.   Maybe we should put our money together.  As an investment for our family.”

Guess who came to mind?  That’s right, my realtor friend from the clinic two years earlier.  As we drove she never even told us where we were going. She just said, “I have a property that’s perfect for you.”

We drove and drove up Haleakala Highway. It can seem a long way when you’ve never driven up the winding road to 1550 Piiholo Road before.

Driving onto the property, immediately I had chicken skin. Like, crazy chicken skin. I began to remember that conversation with Aunty. That my property would be up country.

As we walked in the door, I could barely breathe.

I could see myself here. The realtor was showing the spa room, painting the picture of me living there, out buildings for rentals…blah, blah, blah.  I couldn’t hear a thing.

I was busy…SEEING it all. Yoga retreats.  Meditation retreats. All kinds of healing going on at this property. Native plants in the garden. People on that table in the spa room.

It just happened that the nest egg that I had was exactly the down payment for the property so we put in the offer. There were a few roadblocks – as usually happens when your dream is coming true – but over time, the roadblocks were the beginnings of a miracle.

In the end, it took the entire family – me, my sister, my parents and some help from the Ancestors – to come together to buy this property.

The day we moved in, I was standing the back yard with my partner, Justin, and my dad watching the sun set. When we turned to head back to the house, it began to mist.

That’s when I saw it. Na Po Mokole– A giant night rainbow was arching over our house.

This is a good omen. When you see Na Po Mokole, it is a time of healing.  A time for family.  A symbol of support from our ancestral family.

Over the 12 years that we have put all of our heart and Aloha into this place, it has been transformed into a magical place of healing. Then, just 2 years ago, while doing some genealogical research, we found out this property has been in our family before…through my great, great grandfather.


From a dream board to reality.

It has all come full circle. Those magazine clippings I put on the poster board all those years ago were just a space holder for the dream that was waiting for me. Great Spirit and the ancestors had an even better unfolding than I could have EVER imagined.

Do you have a dream that you are envisioning? Do you believe that your dream is and has always been waiting for you to show up for it? Maybe you are not yet sure of what you want.

All you need is a poster board, some great magazines, a little glue and go to town.

Don’t be afraid to dream big.

If you have dreamt it, then it already exists.

If you are ready to manifest your dreams in life and release anything standing in your way, click here for my FREE ho’oponopono masterclass.

With all my aloha,

Jeana Iwalani

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